Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday, another Party!

Time to get your free micro-fiction on!

But, before you dive into the 100 words, how about you check out the latest review of the Reign of Four series. Click that pic below. Do it. Dooooo iiiiiit. Do it!




Too Nice A Night
Jake Bible

The sound of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline drifts on the summer breeze as Carol ready’s the baseball bat. She hums along, her lips mouthing the “bom bom bom” part when it comes up.

“Nice night,” she says, twisting her hands, feeling the slight perspiration. “Too nice a night for this unfortunate business.”

A muffled cry and Carol narrows her eyes. Linda, gagged, wrists and ankles behind her, hanging from the bar across the swing set, stares in pure terror.

“It was simple,” Carol says as she brings the bat back. “Approve the new landscaping.”

The bat swings fast and hard.



Disclaimer: Stun guns make good neighbors.

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