Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another week is here and gone. That means it is time for a FRIDAY NIGHT DRABBLE PARTY!


Before we get to the micro-fiction of greatness (GREATNESS!), I’m a gonna pimp a book. Because that’s what I do. I pimp my books. It helps pay the bills.

LITTLE DEAD MAN! Only $.99! A great YA zombie apocalypse novel that is filled with tons of action, gore, suspense, thrills, chills, and horror! HORROR! Get it for less than a can of soda! $.99!

LDM CoverNow, on with the show!



Team Player
Jake Bible

“Do you want the position or not?” Mr. Clarence asked Robert. “Because we’re only looking for team players here, Bobby.”

“Rob,” Robert whispered as he tried to keep his hand steady. “I go by-.”

“Don’t care,” Mr. Clarence said. “You’re now Bobby. A team player gets that. Are you a team player?”

“Yes, sir,” Robert replied. His palm was slick with sweat and he felt like he would pass out at any second. “But why do I have to kill him?”

“Easier for HR or something,” Mr. Clarence said. “Now pull the trigger and his job is yours, team player.”



Disclaimer: The corporate life is the life for me!

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