Friday Night Drabble Party!

Yay for Friday! Or as I like to call it “One Day Closer To Death So Let’s Go Rob A Bank” day!

I kid. Unless you happen to know of a team of criminals looking to apprentice a broke writer. I don’t have much experience, but damn if I don’t have enthusiasm! LET’S GO ROB A BANK!

Okay, okay, enough with the funny stuff. Time to get serious. And by serious I mean GIANT MUTANT DINOSAURS AND CANNIBAL CAVEMEN!

Mega 4: Behemoth Island is available for your ebook pleasure!

Behemoth-Island-ebook-coverJust look at the awesome cover! You know you want to read the book! Do it! DO IT!

And now for our regularly scheduled drabble!



Make Excuses
Jake Bible

My total amount of giving a shit is equal to the exact amount of I don’t give a fuck. It’s really that simple.

“You make excuses, Blane,” I say. “You make excuses and then you hide behind them. You’re like a fucking terrorist that uses children as human shields.”

I don’t really think Blane’s a terrorist. I also don’t blame him for making excuses. If I was getting the holy shit beat out of me, I’d make excuses too.

I wipe the snot and blood from his face with his own sleeve.

“Now, where is the cash, bitch?” I snarl.



Disclaimer: Seriously, I’d make a great getaway driver or bag man. Send me a PM, DM, or IM. No BMs, though.

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