Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, the Party is on! Free micro-fiction for everyone! EVERYONE!

But, of course, before you get to the reading portion of tonight’s entertainment, how’s about you do some clickety clickety. Just click that pic below and it will take you to a magical land of mutant dinosaurs, misfit SpecOps operators, cannibal cavepeople, and a bigfoot. No shit.

Behemoth-Island-ebook-coverNow, on to the drabble! PARTY ON!



Always Botch It
Jake Bible

“Too many witnesses,” Laughlin said as he limped his way between two trailers, reality TV shows battling back and forth from the windows over his head. “Dammit. Botched it again.”

Sirens wailed a few blocks off.

Laughlin stumbled to a stop at the corner of one of the trailers and looked out at the driveway beyond. A small Datsun pickup sat there, asking to be taken. He made sure the coast was clear then hobbled his ass to the driver’s side door.

The chock-chuck of a shotgun being pumped stopped his hobble.

“Dammit,” he sighed. “I always botch it.”



Disclaimer: Try not to botch it this time.

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