Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hurray for Friday!

Not only does it mean another work week draws to a close, it means I have loaded one more Drabble into the Drabble Cannon (patent pending) and I’m ready to launch 100 words right at your faceholes! KA-POW!

That was me launching 100 words at your faceholes, in case you didn’t get the subtext of the KA-POW. I explain because I care.

So, what all we got going on? I know I have a new release. Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold is available for your ebook reading pleasure! Go download that sexy beast and find out what happens when a familiar stranger, long thought dead, comes to visit what was once Boulder, Colorado. Hmmmm….

Now, on to the drabble!



Jake Bible

“Ten men! Ten Women! Nothing but open desert, a pair of shoes, and one very long piece of twine!”

“That’s right, Robert! For the fifteenth year in a row, twenty citizens will compete to the death in a hostile environment all for the glory of one very long piece of twine!”

“It’s all about the twine, Jerry! Nothing but twine tonight!”

“You don’t have to tell me, Robert! If there was ever a prize to risk your life for, it is this very long piece of twine!”

“I am so jealous right now!”

“Aren’t we all, Robert! Aren’t we all!”



Disclaimer: Be not jealous, but rejoice in the twine! Stringinthians 4:13

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