Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is here!

As I am sure you are aware of, because you watch this website like a hawk (LIKE A HAWK!), there was no Drabble Party last week. It was Thanksgiving holiday for us Yanks. I was very busy taking a long mountain hike to work off that gravy bloat. Mmmm, gravy bloat…

But, hey, there’s a drabble this week! Now, before we dive into the 100 word miracle that has been birthed from my brainpan, let’s do some pimpin’!

Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold is available in ebook and print! Ge fetch that post-apocalyptic goodness! And for fans of Z-Burbia, there is a surprise for y’all in there! A SURPRISE!

Also, the long awaited audio version of Metal & Ash is now live! The Apex Trilogy is finally complete in audiobook form! Gotta get ya some of that too! YA GOTTA!

Oaky, I’m done with the shillin’ and yellin’. Time for some drabble!



So Many Things
Jake Bible

“Skip the rock, Horace,” Magdalena said. “Take it like this and throw.”

“I can’t, Maggie,” Horace whimpered. “Not with that thing in the pond.”

“Ignore it,” Magdalena replied. “We’re safe on shore.”

“It looks like it can reach,” Horace said, his hand shaking as he gripped the flat, round rock. “It has a lot of arms.”

“Just skip the darn rock,” Magdalena sighed. “We need to get home before dark. You know, because of the thing in the woods.”

“Yeah,” Horace said as he stared at the thing in the water.

So many things to deal with. So many things.



Disclaimer: Ignore the thing in the closet. It’s shy.

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