Friday Night Drabble Party!

Such a fine Friday for a Drabble Party, don’t you think?


But, before we get into the magical wonder of this week’s 100 words, how’s about I fill you in on a couple things?

BLOOD CRUISE! Just look at that cover!

Blood-cruise-ebook-coverBen Clow’s plans are set. Drop off kids, pick up girlfriend, head to the marina, and hop on best friend’s cruiser for a weekend of fun at sea. But Ben’s happy plans are about to be changed by a tentacled horror that lurks beneath the waves.

International crime lords! Deep cover black ops agents! A ravenous, bloodsucking monster! A storm of evil and danger conspire to turn Ben Clow’s vacation from a fun ocean getaway into a nightmare of a Blood Cruise!



Nothing says Happy Holidays like a bloodsucking tentacled monster!

The last thing I want to talk about is Writers Coffeehouse. This will be a monthly meeting of Asheville/WNC area writers hosted by myself and co-hosted by Nathan Ballingrud, Jamie Mason, and Beth Revis. The fine folks at Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe are giving us the space to meet with as many local writers as want to come. It’s a chance for writers to talk about the biz and network in a relaxed, no pressure setting. It’s all about writers helping writers. If you are interested then clickety click and check out the FB group. It’s gonna be a blast!

Now, on to the drabble!



Wasn’t Warm Enough
Jake Bible

The blanket wasn’t warm enough. The blanket was too warm.

Marigold shivered in the corner of the hut, her body burning with fever, her eyes glassy and dazed. She tried to focus on the world around her, but the best she could do was stare at the limp foot of her little sister. A limp foot that hadn’t moved in hours.

Not true. It hadn’t moved in days. The smell had even started to penetrate her clogged and oozing sinuses.

Marigold shivered in the corner and pulled the blanket tight around her. She was too warm. She wasn’t warm enough.



Disclaimer: Hand sanitizer won’t cut it no more.

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