Friday Night Drabble Party!

One more Friday means one more Drabble Party!

I don’t mean “one more” as in the last Party. No, no, no. I’ll be writing drabbles for y’all even after I step into the grave. I’ve made a certain deal with a certain someone to make sure that happens. Wink, wink.

Anyone else smell sulfur? No? Okey doke.

But, let’s be serious for a minutes. Blood Cruise. A literary tale of high seas horror with international crime bosses, ex poker players, covert ops agents, a giant tentacled killing machine, and a story with soul and morals and… Okay, okay, it’s a blood drenched book about a killer octopus. Nothing literary about it.


Now…on to the drabble.



A Messy End
Jake Bible

The Labor Minister fretted over the reports that sat open on his desk. He stared at the numbers, unsure of how to proceed.

Should he tell the Prime Minister? Or just hide the reports? Call a press conference?

No. Only one honorable solution.

The Labor Minister stood, turned to the window, grabbed the latch, and shoved. It refused to budge.

He was surprised maintenance actually sealed the window. It was too late for the previous six Labor Ministers, but it saved him a messy end.


“Now, where is that revolver?” he wondered aloud as he searched his desk drawers.



Disclaimer: Mmmmm, yeah, I’m going to need those TPS reports today.

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