Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

At least for this section of the world. Stay safe, folks. Stay warm. Don’t let in any strange yetis. Only the yetis you know.

Hey, know what else is really cold? The depths of space! And speaking of space, I have a new military scifi/space marine novel out!

Salvage Merc One!

Salvage-Merc-one-ebook-cover Joseph Laribeau was born to be a Marine in the Galactic Fleet. He was born to fight the alien enemies known as the Skrang Alliance and travel the galaxy doing his duty as a Marine Sergeant. He loved the life. But when the War ended and Joe found himself medically discharged, the best job ever was over and he never thought he’d find his way again.

Then a beautiful alien walked into his life and offered him a chance at something even greater than the Fleet, a chance to serve with the Salvage Merc Corp.

Now known as Salvage Merc One Eighty-Four, Joe Laribeau is given the ultimate assignment by the SMC bosses. To his surprise it is neither a military nor a corporate salvage. Rather, Joe has to risk his life for one of his own. He has to find and bring back the legend that started the Corp.

He must find Salvage Merc One.




Doesn’t that sound ten kinds of awesome? Yes, yes it does.

Now, how about some drabbletastic fiction?



Not A Storm
Jake Bible

The chair lift stopped dead.

Wind. Freezing rain. Darkness everywhere.

“Power outage,” Colby said as he stared down at the barely visible slope.

“They gotta have backup generators,” Magnus said. “Not like they don’t expect bad weather.”

“I don’t know,” Colby replied. “Maybe there was some short.”

A low rumbling reached them. Not from above, like an avalanche coming to cover them forever, but from the side, near the other slope.

“Hear that?” Colby asked. “That a storm?”

Magnus whimpered.

Colby turned his direction and saw it. It was huge, rising up from the mountainside.

It was not a storm.



Disclaimer: It ain’t always keggers and snow bunnies on the mountain.

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