Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us! Get it off! GET IT OFF!

Fridays are heavy, man.

Hey, HEY, guess what? Salvage Merc One is #1 in Space marines on the Amazon scifi charts! Hooah!

Want a piece of that action? Here ya go!


Just get all clickety clackety with that pic and you will be transported to worlds far and near! Plus lots of pew pew pew action!

Now, onto the drabble!



Lawyers Or Not
Jake Bibkle

“Now, Mr. Stopholes, my client is proposing a fair trade of his soul for eternal youth,” Weldon Hedgeford said as he slid the contract across the table to the man in the smoking jacket. A jacket that was literally smoking. Singed bits and everything. “Just sign here.”

Mr. Stopholes stared at the piece of paper. He sighed and picked up his pen. It all used to be so simple before the lawyers got involved. His signature burned bright red for a couple seconds then settled onto the page.

“There,” Mr. Stopholes grinned.

Lawyers or not, he always got his soul.



Disclaimer: Lawyers? We don’t need no stinking lawyers!

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