Friday Night Drabble Party!

Back for more? Good for you! I like a reader with fortitude!

Hey, guess what? I have a new release! Surprising, ain’t it?

I give you: Fighting Iron!

ironThe Bloody Conflict is long over. The lands are now controlled by despots, crooked cattle barons, energy hoarders, and anyone with enough might to keep the local folks under control.

For Clay MacAulay, none of that matters as he roams the land in a war machine from a time gone by. He wants nothing to do with small desert towns or brutal dictators. He only has his sights set on a new life. Unfortunately for Clay, too many ruthless people want what he has. They want the war machine he pilots. They want the battle mech that shouldn’t exist anymore.

They want his Fighting Iron.

But they will have to pry Clay’s cold, dead body out of that pilot’s seat before they can take it from him. And he plans on fighting them every massive mech step of the way!

A far-future mech western, Fighting Iron is a rip-roaring scifi adventure filled with six-shooters, plasma canons, rough and rowdy saloon brawls, showdowns, corrupt landowners, and fifty foot battle machines ready to crush everything in their path!

Oh, Hells to the yeah to the you betcha!

Doesn’t that look like ten kinds of awesome? Yeah, it does!

Okay, okay, time for the drabble.



Special Edition
Jake Bible

“It ate the pages, Mom,” Darryl said as he held the office door closed. “It tried to eat me, but I hit it with a book.”

“What book, dear?” Mom asked, her eyes on her tablet and hand on her coffee cup. “It wasn’t one of your father’s special editions was it?”

Darryl stared at his mother, the sound of the scanner slamming itself against the office door echoing through the house.

“You can’t hear this?” Darryl asked.

“Yes, dear,” Mom replied. “Try to keep it down. It makes it hard to read my articles.”

“Yeah… Uh, sorry,” Darryl said.



Disclaimer: Quiet, dear. I SAID QUIET!

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