Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, here we are again, folks. Another Friday, another Party, another free Drabble! Bam!

Hey, you know what else is free? Z-Burbia!

Zburbia_ebook_coverThat’s right, the first book in my hit zombie apocalypse series is free for your Kindle pleasure.

You should get to the clicking and the clacking and magically teleport that book from Amazon’s kindle servers to your ebook device.




Ooh, ooh, and Fighting Iron is rocking up the charts!

ironYou should totally get that!





Now, how about some free micro-fiction? A gift of 100 words from me to you.



A Broken Wheel
Jake Bible


The desk chair had a broken wheel. Three perfectly good ones, but one that refused to do its job and get Vivian from one side of her office to the other.

She was going to be pissed if she died because of a broken wheel.

Vivian strained against the duct tape, but it was duct tape. She pushed her feet down to keep the broken wheel elevated. If she could get to her desk phone then she had a chance.

The office door opened behind her and her chance slipped away. Just like that. All because of a broken wheel.



Disclaimer: Duct tape always wins.

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