New Release! Z-Burbia 7: Sisters of the Apocalypse!

That’s right, folks, there is another novel in the Z-Burbia series! But, this time it’s Elsbeth’s turn to tell the tale of the zombie apocalypse. Y’all are gonna love this!


The end of the world is close. The dead walk the Earth, feasting on the living. Rogue bands of crazies, gangs of cannibals, and evil organizations fight for what is left of civilization. Blood and violence are the laws of the land. Those that survive must do things that no sane person should be forced to do.
Good thing Elsbeth isn’t exactly sane.
The savior of, and saved by, the Stanford family, Elsbeth now fights for the Stronghold. She has friends and allies willing to fight right along side her. Most of all, she has family.
She has sisters.
And it ain’t the sisters that need to watch out for the apocalypse. It’s the apocalypse that needs to watch out for the sisters!
The bestselling Z-Burbia series continues, but now it is Elsbeth’s turn to tell the story. Hang on for one crazy ride with a cannibal savant and her battle-hardened sisters as they tear through the wasteland and turn the zombie apocalypse on its undead head!

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  1. I need my audio book version! Please tell me it’s coming soon. I have been waiting on this release for a while. If you tell me it won’t happen I might have to reply with some sad emojis. Really sad with like tears and everything.

    • Man look at this happy emoji. 🙂 You don’t want to make him cry do you?

      • Just so you know that emoji is young. He still believes in Santa Claus and I told him Santa was bringing Z-Burbia 7: Sisters of the Apocalypse! the audio book for Christmas. I don’t want to tell him Santa lied or even worse that Santa doesn’t exist. I mean one of his classmates was held back and is already telling him that stuff. His mother and I would just like to keep him believing in magic for a couple more years. At first we didn’t even think we were ever going to have an emoji but miracle of miracles little Eric came along. We just want to give him the world. I think you know what I mean. Little Eric already has so many problems growing up in todays society. Please help us preserve his innocence just a little longer. Here is a picture of little Eric on his first day of school. 🙂 Now you know he is a real emoji with real thoughts and feelings. And A family that loves him.

        Sincerely yours;

    • Audiobook version will be coming soon, hopefully. Out of my control, unfortunately.

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