Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey there. Happy Friday. Y’all looking for a free Drabble?

Then you have come to the right website!

Not gonna shill anything this evening. If you want to know what new novels I have, or audiobooks, or podcast episodes, or whatever, then just click away at the menu above. It’s like a treasure map, but without the map and all that map stuff!

Speaking of maps, how about we get right into tonight’s micro-fiction?



Cartography, Calligraphy
Jake Bible

“Cartography?” Millard asked. “How in the bloody hell will cartography help us survive this ordeal?”

“Because proper penmanship is integral to spell creation,” Nardle replied. “And you can’t have spell casting without spell creation.”

“You do realize cartography is about maps and calligraphy is about penmanship and such, right?” Millard asked.

Nardle blinked.

“What have you done?” Millard asked.

“May I borrow your phone?” Nardle responded, avoiding the question. “I need to send a very important text.”

It was already too late. Behind them a mountain began to grow, obliterating everything, and everyone in its path.

“Oops?” Nardle said quietly.



Disclaimer: What do I know from maps?

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