Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday has arrived and it is ready to Party!

Y’all want some free fiction. I know you guys. You are just jonesing for 100 words of Jake Bible goodness. That sounds way dirtier than it should…

Before we dive into the micro-fiction, I gots two announcements.

Drop Team Zero is out now!


And Salvage Merc One is $.99!


Ten kinds of awesome going on right there!

Now, on with the show!



From Holler To Holler
Jake Bible

The thunder rolled across the mountains, bouncing and echoing from holler to holler, a cacophony of Nature’s fury and ultimate will.

Tully walked the trail, one eye on the steep drop to his left, the other on the ever darkening sky.

“We gonna make it, Papa?” Nick asked. “To the top?”

“We’re gonna make it, son,” Tully replied, but was unsure.

They had a strong lead, but every once in a while, between the cracks and booms, he could hear the hounds.

“You ain’t gonna let the Devil take me, right Papa?” Nick asked.

Tully had no answer to that.



Disclaimer: The friend of the Devil is a friend of mine.

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