Friday Night Drabble Party!


Time for another great Party! 100 words of awesome to get this weekend started!

Hey, know what else is awesome and will include words? This!


Local Asheville area authors, including Sara Gruen, Charles Frazier, Beth Revis, Jamie Mason, and myself, are banding together to help fight the disgusting law passed by the NC legislature. You may have heard of it. HB2. Come on out on May 18th and help us make a difference. All proceeds from tickets sales after costs will be divided among the ACLU of NC, Campaign for Southern Equality, Tranzmission, and Equality NC and their efforts to repeal HB2 and overcome the harm it has caused in our community.

That’s some powerful stuff right there. Support if you can, please.

Now, on with the drabble!



Jake Bible

It was the biggest break of his life, a thousand people waiting to hear his story.

“Gobble hap, munbutt,” Jeffery Holt said. “Goobsham boggnock.”

The silence was brutal. Not a peep or sniffle from the audience. The moderator gave Jeffery an encouraging smile. Jeffery smiled back and pushed on.

Fifteen minutes later he finished. “Nunkik morga wapp,” Jeffrey said and closed the book.

The audience burst to their feet, the applause wild and raucous.

The moderator gripped Jefferey’s hand, pumping it up and down.

“Bun noof farble,” the moderator cheered.

Jeffery smiled from ear to ear. Bun noof farble, indeed.



Disclaimer: Bun noof farble, indeed.

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  1. Hi Jake,
    I’m a fan of the podcast and I really have been enjoying the FND. I have read all of them and then I started writing them! I just submitted a few to several publications. We’ll see if I get any bites. They are just fun to write. Thanks for all that you share with emerging and pro writers.

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