Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s Friday!

There be a Drabble in your immediate future. Huzzah!

Before that happens, just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be in Rutherfordton, NC for the MayFest Super Signing! I’ll be there with great authors such as Beth Revis, John Hartness, Brian Rathbone, Darin Kennedy, Gail Martin, Matthew Saunders, and more! Come on out if you can!

Now, on to 100 wonderful words!



The Botanical Apocalypse
Jake Bible

The vines worried at the manhole cover, their tips spreading, thinning, working their way under the edge, looking for leverage. With a strength that should not have existed, the cover was lifted, shifted, pushed and moved to the side, barely a clang heard through the empty, abandoned street.

The air below –precious carbon dioxide– was intoxicating. The vines had found them. On they crept, their verdant brilliance muted to a boring grey as the sewer’s shadowed environs encompassed them.

The last humans cowered. They huddled in the dank alcoves of their ineffectual refuge. The botanical apocalypse had found them finally.



Disclaimer: A black thumb might be a good thing.

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