Friday Night Drabble Party!

Bam diggity! The FNDP is back, y’all!

Had to take a week off because of ConCarolinas. It was a great weekend, but I am glad to be back in the writing chair so I can give y’all some free micro-fiction.

No schilling this week. Just give a click on any of the categories above if you want some more Jake Bible goodness.



Inevitable Catcall
Jake Bible

One woman held the man to the pavement while another reared her foot back for the blow.

The man tried to protest, but the layers of duct tape that covered his mouth easily prevented that.

The foot found its target. The duct tape crumpled. The man screamed for thirty seconds then passed out, choking on his own teeth.

The two women walked off. A block away there was the inevitable catcall.

“Sounds like someone needs duct tape,” the holder said, grabbing for the roll on her hip.

“Yeah, it does,” the kicker said, bouncing up and down on her toes.



Disclaimer: Duct tape. Say no more.

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  1. Harsh! For a catcall, nah. Roman Hands, maybe. 😉

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