Friday Night Drabble Party!

We are back!

Yes, the drabbles have been sporadic lately. It’s summertime, yo!

Speaking of summertime, have you loaded up on your beach reads? Your camping reads? Your books for those long car trips? No?

Well, might I suggest two titles that are perfect for summertime fun?

Dropteam2In-Perpetuity-ebook-coverOooooo, pretty!


Both are on sale for $.99 for just a couple more days! Hurry and get them cheap while the cheaping is good!

Drop Team Zero is SpecOps space marines!

In Perpetuity is a mix of Full Metal Jacket and Starship Troopers!

$.99 each, people!





Now, on to the drabble!



Worth It
Jake Bible

He counted the coins before him for the hundredth time. Possibly the thousandth time. He could no longer remember.

“Worth it,” he muttered as the stacks of gold began to totter. He straightened them, steadied them, watched until they were stable again. “Worth it all.”

He kept his eyes focused on the stacks, not on the occupied chairs in the corner of the room. He couldn’t look at those. If he did then maybe it hadn’t really been worth it.

But it was worth it.

“Was worth it,” he muttered, ignoring the chairs, ignoring his family’s corpses, ignoring his regret.



Disclaimer: It’s always worth it, right?

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