Friday Night Drabble Party!

Each and every week you get free micro-fiction from my brainpan to yours! 100 words that are all yours to do with as you wish! [Not as you wish. Copyright and all that, ya know. I was just being silly. Shut up.]

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Now, on with the show!



Natives Not Friendly
Jake Bible

The beach was covered in crabs. Three, four inches wide. Nasty looking claws. Or one was nasty looking. The other was kind of feeble and sad. It must have had claw envy.

“Why are there so many crabs?” I asked Doug. “Is this called Crab Beach?”

“Shut up, Mike,” Doug snapped. He tried to look at me, but both of us being buried up to our necks in sand, it made it difficult.

“You think they’ll try to eat us?” I asked.

Doug sighed.

We really should have heeded the warning sign. Literal warning sign.

Natives not friendly!

So true…



Disclaimer: Yowza!

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