Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

You know, each and every Friday (pretty much) I give out some free fiction. Sure, it’s only 100 words, but it’s free. I tell a little story, perhaps just a snippet of a story, or maybe only a glimpse into a world that might have more to offer. It’s 100 words, so time is limited.

The thing is, not everyone knows about the Party. I know, I know! How can some folks be completely ignorant of the Friday Night Drabble Party? There is a way to remedy that! A way to help spread the news!

How do you help spread the news? Where does the news come from?

I have a newsletter! (Okay, okay, yeah, that was possibly the WORST segue ever in the history of segues. It’s early when I’m writing this. I’ve only had one cup of coffee.)

How does one sign up for this newsletter? —>BY CLICKING THIS LINK HERE!<—-

That’s all ya gotta do! Click on the link, sign up, get all the news about what’s up with Jake Bible Fiction, including links to the latest Friday Night Drabble Party, then tell all of your friends! ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! ALL OF THEM! NOW!

Cool? Cool.

Now, on to the 100 words of lovety-love!



She Walked
Jake Bible

The sun bore down on her like a big brother forcing an unwanted piggyback ride. She took the pressure and dealt with it. The sun didn’t mean any harm, it was just being the sun. She could complain all she wanted, but the sun would still just be the sun the next day.

Michelle wasn’t like the others. She didn’t scatter and run screaming, hoping the guards wouldn’t shoot her in the back. She wasn’t one to panic or overreact. Michelle was calm and cool.

So, when the wall came down, she walked. Straight out into the desert. She walked.



Disclaimer: Don’t look back.

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