Friday Night Drabble Party!

Good evening.

I see you have come for the free micro-fiction. Good for you. A fine choice on your part. Very fine.

But, before we get to the 100 words of fineness, perhaps we should discuss something very important.

My mailing list.

Yes, this is important. Shut up.

I don’t really have much to say about my mailing list except that I refuse to spam subscribers because, well, I’m lazy and don’t have the time nor inclination to bombard your inbox with junk. Basically, if you sign up, you’ll get occasional new release info, some special announcements here and there, and a monthly(ish) newsletter recapping all the exciting things that happened with Jake Bible Fiction during the month.

You can’t go wrong! So click the pic and sign your booty up!


Now, on to the Drabble!



Jake Bible

“You know where the Morgan place is?” Harley asked as he leaned out the car window. “It’s not on GPS.”

The old man wiped his veiny nose. “Burnt down twenty years ago, son.”

“Right,” Harley replied. “But, I have to see the ruins. For insurance.”

The old man sighed then gave Harley elaborate directions. “Don’t stay after dark.”


“You’ll see.”

It was after dark when Harley pulled into the overgrown driveway. A very large, very not burned down mansion stood ominously before him, every window lit with candles.

“Nope,” Harley said and turned the car around. “Big, huge nope.”



Disclaimer: Is that organ music?

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