Friday Night Drabble Party!

Behold! The weekend is here! Let us celebrate with 100 words of free micro-fiction! The gods must be appeased by drabbles or lo unto all!

I have no idea what lo unto all means. It sounds scary, though.

Hey! Welcome back to another night of drabbletastic deliciousness!

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On to the drabble!



Jake Bible


That’s how many shots it took to bring Clarence down. The man just wouldn’t fall. I emptied my revolver into him, reloaded, and nearly emptied it again before he collapsed to the steaming pavement.

“You shouldn’t have come here, man,” I said as I replaced the four spent cartridges. “You were warned.”

“What we gonna do with him?” Morgie asked.

“Leave him,” I said. “Gators will get him.”

“There’s gators?” Morgie asked.

I stared at the imbecile then shook my head.

“It’s Florida,” I replied.

Morgie nodded, not understanding.

Clarence moaned.



Eleven shots to put him down.



Disclaimer: It dies at eleven.

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