Friday Night Drabble Party!

So, we meet again. I always knew it would come to this. Me here. You there. A Drabble between us. So it has been foretold, so it has been written!

Written in 100 words exactly, that is! BAM!

Welcome back to the Friday Night Drabble Party! It’s the time of the week where you can let all your inhibitions go and just be free! FREE!

Of course, that depends on what your inhibitions are. If something inside your head is keeping you from putting your private bits in the mayonnaise then maybe keep that inhibition. That wouldn’t be so bad. Think of the children.

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Now, on to the 100 words!



Half An Inch
Jake Bible

The doorknob was half an inch from Louise’s fingertips. Only half an inch. All she had to do was grab it, turn it, and she’d be free.

Terry screamed again. From far off, back inside the house Louise had fought so hard to get free from. And she was so close. Half an inch so close.

“Turn the knob. Run,” Louise told herself. Terry screamed again. Louise cringed. “Turn the knob. Run.”

“Yes. Turn the knob. Run,” It said.

Louise screamed and grabbed for that last half an inch. She never made it.

She had been so close.

So close.




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