Friday Night Drabble Party!

What? Huh? WHAT? You here for a Drabble or something? That it? You want me to give you 100 words for free? Yeah?


Why? Because I’m going to ask for a little help, folks. Below is the stock plea for you to sponsor me during the Mountain Of Words campaign! I didn’t tweak the plea since I wanted to make sure you got all the info. But, beware! I’ll be tweaking this plea over the next couple of weeks. It’s gonna get crazy!

For now, read it, absorb it, act on it!

Then you can read the free drabble. BAM!

Sponsor Me!

I am participating in the 4th annual Mountain of Words Write-A-thon to support the work of Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community. This non-profit organization changes lives with creativity and literacy by connecting  teaching artists  with children, youth and families through innovative programs for those too often overlooked and underserved. Funds raised will support the Family Voices program in local elementary schools, summer artist residencies in programs for children from low income communities,  and the new online magazine program for teens,  Word on the Street. (Find out more by visiting

Just click the link below and sponsor me for the generous amount you feel comfortable in giving—all donations are tax-deductible. I’ll be writing as much as I can for AWITSC between now and November 19.

Want to send a check? Make it out to Asheville Writers in the Schools, mail to 347 Kenilworth Road, Asheville, NC 28805 and put my name in the memo line!



More Like Impossible
Jake Bible

The way out was blocked.

Of course it was.

Helen stared at the cave in. She stared at the stacked boulders and the small rocks that trickled down from the top of the massive pile that stood between her and freedom. She stared at the improbable –more like impossible– turn of events.

The thing howled from deep within the cave, having caught her scent once again. Helen shivered at the sound. It just never gave up.

Helen climbed the boulders and began to yank the rocks free. No way she was giving up either. That thing could kiss her ass.



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