Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome to this week’s Party!

I missed last week. I know. The Fam had the day off from school and I was busy editing Stone Cold Bastards. It was a busy day. Plus, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m sure some of you understand.

But, we’re back this week!

Before we dive into the 100 words of most excellent fiction, how about you do me favor and help out some Asheville youths that are part of the Asheville Writers in the Schools program. Now more than ever we need to strengthen the next generation of artists and writers. Please pledge. If you appreciate the free fiction I give out every week, or just want to be a decent human being (yeah, I went there), then pledge a couple dollars. Those dollars could help build a new future. I think we could use a new future.

And if you are in the Asheville area on Saturday, I’ll be at Malaprop’s from 1-4pm participating in the fundraising event. Click the link below to pledge and for more info. Please.

Mountain of Words Write-A-Thon Link!


Now, on to the free micro-fiction. Free. Free, free, free. Free.



Name One Era
Jake Bible

“What’s that?” Lyle asked.

“Time machine,” Hopper replied.

“A time machine? Seriously?” Lyle said. “Do you know how dangerous that is? Why would you build that?”

“To go back to when this country was great,” Hopper said, powering up the machine.

“When the hell was that?” Lyle asked. “Please name one era where this country wasn’t ruled by greed and bigotry?”

“That’s easy,” Hopper replied. “It was… Well, you know…”

“You got nothing,” Lyle said. “Come on. Let’s get a beer.”

“1870’s beer?” Hopper asked, hopeful.

“Sure, an 1870’s beer,” Lyle said. “If that’ll make you feel better.”



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