Friday Night Drabble Party!


Welcome back to another Friday Night Drabble Party!

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Now, on to the 100 words of super groovy, super grooviness!



Left To Haunt
Jake Bible

Lost in thought, Gary faced the glass doors and stared into the street beyond.  Throngs of people out for the Holiday shopping season packed the sidewalks.


There was a woman outside. There were many women, but one in particular pulled him from his thoughts. Her eyes. Cold, black, empty, dead. So dead.


He shook his head and turned. His wife stood there, puzzled.

“Lost you there,” she said and smiled.

“Yeah, sorry,” he said, returning the smile.

His attention returned to the street, but the woman was gone, only the memory of her eyes left to haunt him.



Disclaimer: The weather outside is frightful…

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