Friday Night Drabble Party!


I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday so far. I know a TON of people are out seeing Rogue One. I’m a little jelly about that. I’ll see it next week. Not gonna stress. I have a feeling it may have a long run in the theaters. Call it a hunch.

Hey! Guess what? If you dig the sci-fi action/adventure stuff then have I got something for you!

ROAK: Galactic Bounty Hunter!

Scratch that itch for some kick-ass scifi goodness and get your copy today!

roak-ebook-coverWoo hoo!

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Now, on with the Drabble Party!



Jake Bible


It was a number she lived by.


A number she worked by.


A number one day she expected to die by.


Nine in the magazine, one in the chamber.

Problem was, she needed eleven. Twelve, if she wanted to leave the slimmest margins for error. There was always error.

Like now.

She’d been told six men would accompany Gordon. Six, not eleven. Six would leave four for error. A wide margin.

No margin left with eleven.

Oh, well. That’s why God gave her two hands with ten fingers.


They’d have to make up the difference.



Disclaimer: This little piggy…

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