Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here we are again. You. Me. A Drabble between us. It’s like it’s fate.

Welcome back to the party, y’all. THE party. No other party going on tonight. Nope. Plenty of drinking and crying, but not much partying.


I hope you enjoy tonight’s 100 words. Maybe they’ll inspire you. Give you a feeling of wonder. You remember that feeling, right? It’s that feeling I try to capture every time I write. But, it should be a feeling we all bring to the world every single day no matter the job.

Bring wonder, y’all.



Pretend For Real
Jake Bible

“Captain! The engines are overheating!”

“Divert power to shields!”

“But, sir–!”

“DO IT!”

It had come out of nowhere. The system they were exploring should have been empty, but there it was, guns blazing and on a collision course with them.

“Fire torpedoes! Blow it out of the sky!”



“Space. Not sky.”

“Why do you have to be such a bummer, Nick?”

The kid, Nick, about eight, turned around, the cardboard taped to his chair falling off as a bit of tape came loose.

“If we’re going to pretend then we need to pretend for real, Paul. Jeez.”



Disclaimer: Do not become assimilated.

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  1. I love it, you hooked me in fast now finish it. I need non stop action a lot of humor, some gore, a couple of zombies, a hero or heroes of all ages, an outer space adventure. But don’t forget the human condition and of course God.

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