Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday is here and the dawn of another great weekend is before us! Huzzah!

Before you get too cozy and settle in to read tonight’s drabble, I need to let you know that something pretty cool is happening.

Z-Burbia is available as a Limited Edition Hardcover! Check out that cover!


Now, when I say limited I mean limited. Only 52 signed and numbered copies will be printed. This is a collectors edition, folks. And copies will only be available for pre-order for the next 12 days. I kid you not. If you want a copy, and you do, then you best be ordering ASAP!

Alright, enough shilling! Time for the 100 words you have all been dying to read for a week now!



In A Pinch
Jake Bible

If no other weapons are available, pasta will do in a pinch. Uncooked, of course.

I learned that the hard way. Or easy way. Depends on how you look at it.

Gun empty, out of extra magazines, my knife halfway across the kitchen, the kitchen’s knives on one of those goddamn magnetic strips all the way across the room, pots and pans out of reach, and three bullets in my right leg. Two in the calf, one in the thigh, if you need to know.

That left pasta. Linguine, specifically.

The trick is to aim for the eyes.

Job done.



Disclaimer: Watch the carbs.

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