Friday Night Drabble Party!

Time for another night of 100 words! Only 100 words! No other words are allowed! If you are holding other words, put them down right now. PUT THEM DOWN!

Ha. I kid. You can hold as many words as you want.

Know what else you can hold? Or, better yet, wear? A Stone Cold Bastards t-shirt!


In order to enter, pre-order Stone Cold Bastards here, then send proof of your purchase to The contest is open to anyone who has already pre-ordered and anyone else who pre-orders by 11:59 PM on 2/23 (Print or ebook versions). Two winners will be chosen and notified of their status on Monday, 2/27. Contest is only open to US residents.


Oh, oh, and guess what? Outpost Hell is available!


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Now, on to the Drabble!



Hard Philosophy
Jake Bible

A punch to the head was better than a kick to the balls.

It was a philosophy I’d lived by for most of my life. Hard to fault the logic in it.

Unless the punch to the head is done by a seven-foot tall, monster of a man. Fists like bowling balls. Heavy and solid. Solid enough to knock me halfway across the room and want to cry for my mommy.

Of course, my loaded pistol was better than his fist. Hard philosophy to learn for a big guy like that. I had no problem teaching it to him.



Disclaimer: FAKE DRABBLE!

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