Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, Friday, my old friend…

100 words of awesome is waiting for y’all. Just hangin’ out below, all lined up and ready for reading.

How about you check out Stone Cold Bastards first?

2017-01-26-13-37-20Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Okay, I’ll let you get on with the drabble goodness. The free drabble goodness. Free. No charge. Just like clicking that pic above. No charge at all. Totally free. From me to you.



Not A Good First Day
Jake Bible

Elijah stepped into the room, ready for his first day of work.

No one there.


No answer.


He heard some screams then a loud crash from down in the street. Elijah furrowed his brow and went to look. Unfortunately, the only window on the floor was in his new boss’s office. After some hesitancy, he sucked it up and went in.


The scene below was not so good. People running and crying. Things chasing them, catching them, killing them, eating them.

Not a good first day.

“Huh… I better start coffee. Wonder where the break room is?”



Disclaimer: No charge. Totally free.

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  1. Amy Mazzocchi

    More Mega books please!

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