Friday Night Drabble Party!


It’s another Friday which means another Drabble!

No shilling tonight. You can see links above if you want to check out one of my many marvelous novels. Yes, I said marvelous in Billy Crystal’s voice. Look it up.

On with the show!



Hug Me And Hold Me
Jake Bible

The house creaked something fierce. That is the biggest memory I have of it. The never ending creaking.

So when a storm kicked up, well, hoowee, the symphony would begin.

And the voices.


“Yes, Lizzy?”

“What are they sayin’?”

“Oh, Lizzy, don’t ya worry none about them. The voices cain’t harm ya.”

“Are ya sure, Papa?”

“Yep… Sure as sugar.”

That always made me giggle. Sure as sugar. I never knew what it meant. Papa had so many sayings.



“Come here, littlun’.”

He’d hug me and hold until the voices stopped or I fell asleep.



Disclaimer: Bump (in the night)!

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