Friday Night Drabble Party!

Once again, the week ends and another Friday night is upon us! Let the games begin!

Okay, there aren’t any games. There are 100 words of awesome, though. You take what you can get in life, am I right?

Let’s get to those words now, shall we?



Leashes Required
Jake Bible

“Is it breathing?”

“How should I know? You ever seen anything like it before? I haven’t. Maybe it doesn’t breathe.”

“Everything breathes, man.”

“That so? It could be an alien. Aliens might not breathe. You don’t know shit about aliens.”

“I think it’s a dog.”

“Not a dog, dude.”

“Could be an alien dog.”

“Then it’s still not a dog, it’s just an alien.”

“An alien dog.”

“Not an alien dog!”

“Should I poke it? Maybe if I poke it, it’ll start breathing.”

“Or maybe it’ll bite your face off.”

“Aliens really need to start leashing their dogs.”

“Sweet Jesus…”



Disclaimer: Go see Museum at Asheville High!

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