Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

I did not post a drabble last week due to some intense editing on my novel, Black Box, Inc. Y’all are gonna love this one when it comes out. Urban fantasy with a Jake Bible spin. But, I’ll be announcing that later down the line. Stay tuned!

For tonight, though, I give you a bit of horror. I haven’t been in the horror mood much lately. Concentrating on scifi and fantasy and whatnot. So, it was fun to delve into the darker corners and see what bloody morsel I could pull out of my head.



Selfie Smile
Jake Bible

Lucy scrolled through the pictures on her phone again and again, growing more nauseous with each viewing of the despicable acts she saw, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away.

All that blood. So much blood.

The bodies were mutilated beyond recognition. Skin flayed open and spread out. Limbs nearly hacked off. The brutality was almost more than she could comprehend.

But, obviously, not more than she could perpetrate. Because in each picture, with a selfie smile plastered to her face, there she was. Face coated in gore, machete prominently displayed.

“How drunk did I get last night?” she muttered.



Disclaimer: Say cheese!

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