Friday Night Drabble Party!


Tonight is my wedding anniversary! Huzzah to 19 years of awesome!

So, that means you have to buy me a present. THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS!

Nah, I’m kidding. But, hey, you can buy yourself a present in the form of the Mech Corps audiobook!

Oooo, shiny…

On to the Drabble!



Press The Button
Jake Bible


“Press the button, love.”

“Yes, but…”

“Do not hesitate, my dear. Press the button.”

“It will end everything. Everything, sweetheart. Are we sure this is what we want?”

“Have we ever been less sure of anything before? There’s nothing left. Press the button and we close the book on this world and this life. All things must come to an end. Now is our time.”

“I suppose so. It is rather dreary out there. Not a soul left alive anyway.”

“Except the rats.”

“Yes. The rats. Do you think some of them will survive?”

“Probably not.”

They pressed the button.



Disclaimer: Happy anniversary to me! Buy the audiobook above!

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