Winner! Winner! Something Dinner! And More Giveaways!

Well, isn’t this exciting!

The very first announcement of my mailing list winners! Huzzah!

Bam diggity!

The Winners are….

Name as character in one of my novels– Gene! (No last name given, so it’s just Gene. Nah, I’ll email Gene and see what his last name is. I assume he’s a he from the spelling, but I could be wrong. It happens sometimes.)

Free Audiobook code– Pam E. (PJ!)

Signed Paperback– Charlena Bella! ( I may have to use that name in a book, too! Killer name!)

Emails will be sent to these fine folks. No, wait, they aren’t just folks, they’re WINNERS!

How does one become a winner? Well, first you have to be part of my mailing list. Not part of my mailing list? FOR SHAME!

I kid. Nah, just click the pic and sign up. Monthly drawings, yo! Or, better yet, sign up for the Sci-Fi Bridge giveaway and not only get added to my mailing list, but also get free books AND have a chance at winning 25+ ebooks! Here’s how:

Sci-Fi Bridge is dedicated to bringing you exclusive deals, new releases, and other exciting news from your favorite Sci-Fi authors straight to your inbox! Its Captains are excited to bring you a Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic Giveaway that’s sure to keep you up at night! There are FREE Prizes available for all who enter between August 1 and 7, plus the chance for 5 winners to receive 25+ e-books from Post Apocalyptic & Dystopian Authors of every stripe.

Enter here:

Or, if you simply want to sign up for my mailing list then click the pic below!

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