Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here we are again. Time marches on and we find ourselves wrapped in the warm embrace of yet another Friday. Feel the hug. FEEL IT!

So, anyhoo, thanks for swinging by. I’m sure you’ll dig tonight’s Drabble since I’m going old school. Yep, getting back to my roots. Why? Because check out the killer giveaway below! All that tasty post-apocalyptic and dystopian goodness!

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Bam diggity, yo!

Now, on with tonight’s 100 words of HUNGRY!



Ran No More
Jake Bible


Tony ran as fast as he could. Which wasn’t very damn fast since he was missing a good twenty percent of his right thigh. A whole chunk. Gone. Bitten right out by what looked like a fifth grader.

But, Tony still ran. He hobbled his scrawny ass across the street, well aware of the monsters only half a block back that were hot on that ass.

“Let me in!” he shouted as he slammed his shoulder into the apartment building’s door. “Let me in!”

No one replied. No one came to see. No one opened up.

Tony ran no more.



Disclaimer: Aim for the head!

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