Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello there!

I’m back from Dragon*Con and ready to get my Drabble on!

Man, my week has been filled with proofing manuscripts and prepping for the next novel which I start on Monday. Who’s ready for Mega 6? This guy!

Anyhoo, click on some of the links that hang out on this website and buy some shit, people. Seriously. I got a mortgage to pay and a kid in college. This income thing is no joke. CLICK!

Now, on with the 100 words of fantastical abandonment!



Another Day
Jake Bible


They leapt into the air, kicking their back legs out as they curled their fore legs in, their hairy chins pointed down then up, down then up.

The creatures hopped from rock to rock, never slowing, never looking like they even knew what hesitation was. Their exuberance for life was evident by their loud bleats and constant movement.

The day wore on and their energy finally began to flag. They nodded to each other and headed for home, ready for a hearty dinner and nighttime nuzzles. It had been a glorious time.

Jut another day in the lives of weregoats.



Disclaimer: I’m king of the mountain!

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