Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, it’s been a week, that’s for sure.

Hey, there has been some tragedy in our lives here in Asheville. One of my wife’s co-workers lost two of her sons in a car accident this week. There are medical costs, funeral costs, and vehicle costs she’s going to need help with. If you have a spare dollar, please help. CLICK HERE TO HELP.

On with the Drabble.



Kept Driving
Jake Bible


The yellow line was so faded from time and the elements that Chessie could barely make it out in the pitch black of night. A little bit of reflection here, a hint of color there, that was all she could see.

The night wore on and on. Chessie kept driving.

Hours upon hours passed and daylight never returned. The clock on her dashboard never changed. The yellow line never got easier to see. Chessie kept driving.

There was a song on the radio, but she hadn’t turned on the radio.

Chessie sang along, somehow knowing the words.

Chessie kept driving.




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