Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey, hey, hey! It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiii-day!

Time to party, y’all!

And by party, I mean read some micro-fiction. Oh, yeah!

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Now, on with the drabble!



Dead Stuck
Jake Bible


The gun’s jammed… Shit.

This never happens. I meticulously check weapons before a job. In fact, I’m so paranoid about guns jamming that I rarely, almost never, use semi-automatic pistols and prefer revolvers exclusively.

But, Tammy stole my .38, and Gil’s Glock 9mm kept jamming, so I gave him my Colt revolver, which left me with my Beretta .45. Normally a most reliable pistol. Normally…

I keep trying, but the slide is stuck. Dead stuck. A lot like me.

The squeal of feedback echoes through the broken glass window.

“Come out, Tiny! It’s all over!”

I guess it is.



Disclaimer: You’ll never take me alive, copper!

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