Friday Night Drabble Birthday Party!

It’s a Friday Night Drabble Birthday Party!

Not because it is the birthday of the Drabble Party, but because it’s my birthday! MINE!

Which means y’all owe me a present. Here’s my list:

  1. Pick up Black Box Inc. right now in ebook or paperback.
  2. Leave a review for Black Box Inc. if you’ve already picked it up.
  3. Pick up Razer Edge (or any of the Roak books).
  4. Or leave a review for Razer Edge. It needs reviews!

Okay, now that you’ve done all that, it’s time for my gift to you!



A Car
Jake Bible

Pure fear. That’s what Harold felt as he stared at the monstrosity in his garage.

“Uh…thanks?” he said with a forced smile.

“It’s a car,” Livia stated.

“Yeah, I see that,” Harold replied. “Is it, uh, street legal?”

“Well, no, obviously.”


Harold reached behind him, fumbling blindly for the doorknob. He gave it a twist. The clicking noise made Livia turn and her blood smeared face glowed eerily in the fluorescent lights.

“Where ya going?” she asked.

“Gotta pee,” Harold replied then fled, leaving Livia and the dripping, stinking, pile of meat she called a “car” far behind.



Disclaimer: Zoom zoom!

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