Friday Night Drabble Party!

I’m back!

Had to take last week off because I was in Washington State handling some personal business. It was great seeing the PNW again, I’d missed it, but it was good to get back home here in the good ol’ Cesspool of Sin (Asheville, NC. Look it up).

So, how are y’all doing?

I bet, right at this moment, you are wondering how you can get your hands on the audiobook of Razer Edge. I’m totally right, aren’t I?

Here ya go! Give that pic a click and you can make your earholes the happiest earholes in all of Earholelandia (real place)!

Now, on with the Drabble!



Jake Bible

The landscape was destroyed.

Craters pocked what had once been miles and miles of pristine prairie. The grasses were scorched and smoking; the small, hidden creeks were twisted lines of steaming toxicity; the animal burrows and warrens were crypts for smoldering pelts and ashen bones.

“Cassie?” Tallulah cried out, the blood from her forehead blinding her as she stumbled through the nightmare that had been her home. “Cassie?”

No reply. No movement. No Cassie.

Tallulah slowed then paused. Was that a cry? Was that Cassie calling to her?

She switched directions and moved on. Cassie was out there somewhere.





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