Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey there! I missed y’all last week. It was Black Friday and I spent the weekend buried under a pile of Pillow Pets. They were 75% off. I wanted the koala so I dug deep. Then it all went dark. That’s why I missed last week’s Drabble Party. My bad…

But, hey, I’m back now!

First, for the obligatory sales pitch: BUY MEGA 6!

End obligatory sales pitch.

On with the 100 words!



No Friends
Jake Bible

Five friends went into the woods. Four friends came back.

What they saw, they never spoke about. What they did, they never told. What they experienced, they tried to forget.

Four friends went into the woods. Three friends came back.

What they saw, one of them spoke about. What they did, one of them told. What they experienced, one could never forget.

Three police squads went into the woods. No police squads came back.

Two friends found the third friend. Two friends took the third friend into the woods. No friends came back.

The woods sighed. The woods were happy.



Disclaimer: Stay away from the woods, yo.

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