Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us, so that means more 100 words of awesomeness!

It’s currently snowing here in the mountains of North Carolina. The daughter is making peppermint bark and I’ll be making round two of Holiday Chex mix. The house gonna smell good!

Nothing to sell today other than the usual. Click the links below or above. Buy some books for your friends and family. Get yourself a little something too.

Now, on with the Drabble!



Jake Bible

“Bone meal…” Marigold stared at the recipe for a few seconds. “What the Hell is bone meal?”

She stepped away from the ancient and cracked cookbook. Or what her grandmother had called a cookbook. As Marigold slowly perused the book over the past few weeks, having received it in the mail after the estate was settled, she began to suspect it was more of a “cookbook”.


Marigold sighed. She’d heard the family rumors.

“Tears of a sullen teenager? Jesus…”

Marigold grabbed her phone. There was a grocer’s phone number in the back of the “cookbook”. Time for a call.



Disclaimer: Always measure.

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  1. It is amazing how your able to write so many of these. Impressive

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