Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us!

Hey, before we get into the 100 words of awesome sauce that is tonight’s drabble, how about I share a link to one sweet new release. And it’s not mine!

Check out Rhett Bruno’s Titan’s Wrath! Click the pic and get to the buying, yo!

Review Blurbs:
  • “Mystery, action, and intrigue, in a future that’s vividly described and effortlessly absorbing. This is sci-fi at its best!” —Jasper T. Scott, bestselling author of the Dark Space Series
  • “Pulse-pounding Sci-fi with compelling chracters and a satisfying balance of action and mystery. Great Fun!” —Robert Kroese, bestselling author of The Big Sheep
  • “The perfect mixture of dramatic space opera and Sci-fi Noir. I wanted more, in the best way possible!” –Jake Bible, bestselling author of Salvage Merc One and Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter






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Damn Gravel
Jake Bible

The tires crunched gravel, making Wendell cringe with obvious discomfort.

“What’s your problem?” Horace asked.

“Hate that sound,” Wendell replied. “Like breaking styrofoam or fingers on a chalkboard.”

“What sound?” Horace asked after a couple seconds pause.

“The gravel.”

“The gravel?”

“Yeah, the gravel.”

“It’s just gravel, dude,” Horace scoffed. “It’s not even close to fingernails on a chalkboard.”

Horace shook his head and frowned.

“How do you get anywhere? All these roads are gravel.”

“Different when I’m driving,” Wendell said and glared hard at Horace.

“Whatever, dude,” Horace said. “Just load the guns and forget about the damn gravel.”



Disclaimer: Titan’s Wrath!


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