Plagiarism in the New Year! And the Friday Night Drabble Party, of course!

Hello, 2018!

What a year so far. Guess what I’ve been dealing with? Plagiarism!

First, I have to say that the hardest part about dealing with plagiarism is learning how to spell it. Who the hell put the “i” in there? English is one crazy language, y’all.

Anyway, for those that haven’t been following the saga on my social media feeds, an astute reader alerted me to the issue that an author named Balogun Ojetade decided he’d change character names and the setting of my Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter novel, but pretty much keep all the other prose and pass it off as his own. What a dick! The guy basically perpetrated a word for word ripoff of my novel. And thought he could get away with it!

The problem is in the Kindle Age, that fans and readers of specific genres can search Amazon for books by using specific keywords. Such as “bounty hunter”. That’s a pretty niche sub-genre. It was only a matter of time before the guy would have been found out. Lucky for me, the stolen novel was only up on Amazon for two days before I was alerted to the issue. Phew!

Anyhoo, don’t take my word for it. I happen to have a lovely visual aid! Check out the pic below and see for yourself how much of a ripoff this thing was. Jeez…

Crazy, right?

Ok, ok, enough about this crap. How about we get to the– WAIT!

Stone Cold Bastards won the Golden Coolthulu Award for Best Horror Novel of 2017! Check it out!

Alright, now, on with the drabble!



Activation Complete
Jake Bible

“Activation complete, sir. Shall I bring the subject fully online?”

“Please do, Mr. Balston.”

The click of keys echoed in the laboratory as the body lying supine upon the exam table stared blankly up at the ceiling. Another thirty seconds of key clicking by Mr. Balston passed before the body blinked twice then turned his gaze upon Dr. Sherman.

“Good evening, Lawrence,” the body said.

“Good evening, Channing,” Dr. Sherman replied. “How are you feeling this fine evening?”

“Like a new man, Lawrence,” Channing, the body, replied. He lifted a hand and stared at it. “Literally, I see. Well done.”




Disclaimer: Plagiarism is bad!

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