Friday Night Drabble Party!

Here we are again! Friday Night Drabble Party time!

I have something great to announce before we get into the drabbletastic entertainment!

Galactic Vice is here!

Corruption. Greed. Lust.
Sins undercover Galactic Vice Detective Etch Knowles faces every day.

Politicians on the take. Underground gambling. Sex trafficking.
Another day at the office for Galactic Vice Lieutenant Angie McDade.

Shaking down hustlers. Offering “protection” to bar owners. Cheating at tile games.
Galactic Vice Detective Kalaka doesn’t exactly play by the rules.

A cargo barge filled with corpses. A potential war between crime syndicates. Traitors within the Galactic Vice.
These are the nightmares the three must face. Using all of their resources and experience they will fight to keep each other alive even it means bending rules, busting heads, and breaking laws.

But tossing regulations to the side and going rogue may not save them from an investigation that has doom and downfall written all over it.

Can they solve the case before it becomes their last? Or will the operation fail and end up ripping their lives and Jafla Base apart…


Doesn’t that sound AWESOME?

Check it out!

Now, on with the drabble!



Jake Bible

The man sat against the wall, his body wrapped in several old, tattered blankets.

He stared out at the rubble and ruin that had once been a great city and reminisced.

The magnificent buildings that had towered above the citizens as they hustled to and fro from lives that were on a never ending repeat cycle. The steam and smoke of industry that had once settled over the rooftops. The sounds, so many sounds, that filled the ears to almost bursting.

It had been glorious.

A scrape on scorched concrete made the man close his eyes.

It was his time.



Disclaimer: Galactic Vice!

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