Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday is here and that means y’all get some free micro-fiction!

But is it truly free? Is it?

Technically, yes, but you do have to wade through my advertisements before getting to that wholesome nugget of Drabble goodness.


It’s the scifi action adventure police procedural novel you’ve always wanted!

Oh, and since the world isn’t just about me, be sure and check out The Four Horsemen- Alpha Contracts by Chris Kennedy and Mark H. Wandrey

And, be sure and check out this cool anthology by Alasdair Shaw

Now, on with the 100 words!



Cracked and Sparking
Jake Bible

“Lieutenant?!” Captain Stalmore shouted. “Get me those coordinates!”

“I am trying, sir! But the navigation system is shot to all Hells! We’re flying blind, sir!” Lieutenant Custie replied, his eyes wide with fear. “We’ll have to navigate by sight, sir!”

Captain Stalmore stared at the cracked and sparking view shield in front of him. The entire Javsis System was out there, but all he could see was a six meter square section.

“Can we ping the wormhole portal?” Captain Stalmore asked.

“I have, sir, and I’m adjusting course. Fingers crossed,” Custie replied.

“Fingers crossed…” Captain Stalmore sighed. “Engage engine drives.”



Disclaimer: Galactic Vice!


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  1. I get a DS 9 vibe from that one. Like the Defiant is trying to limp back from the Gamma Quadrant.

    I took a shot at another one for tonight.

    Dan Delgado

    The new pub, aptly named Drinkers, opened seemingly overnight. Out front, the chalkboard sign read:
    Come for Drinks, Stay for Food- Free Midnight Buffet!

    At five minutes to midnight, the place boasted a sizable crowd. Just before the hour the bartender climbed the bar and shouted, “Who’s hungry?”

    A chorus of cheers, then confused mutters as all the doors were locked and chained.

    “Us!” the staff responded, nine in all. Canines elongated, growing into fangs.

    “Well then,” the bartender exclaimed, “let’s eat!”

    Morning. The scene was horrifyingly clean. Over thirty bodies, not a drop of blood. They drank it all.

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