Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, you have come back! I thought I’d never see you again!

Hmmm…what’s that? How can I see you now?

Well, I can’t, of course. That’d be silly… Ignore the blinking red light. Nothing to see there.

SO! How about some drabble stuff? 100 words of micro-fiction to distract you from the blinking red light? Not that there is a blinking red light. YOU SEE NOTHING!

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Now, on with the drabble!



Dreadfully Terrifying Occurrence
Jake Bible


No response. Not even a “Don’t bother with me, M’Lord! Save yourself!” Rather inconsiderate. Completely unacceptable.

“Well, Bumbletubs,” the prince muttered. “If you are going to hide after such a tragedy has befallen me then I shall think not of you again. You are banished from my mind, Bumbletubs. Banished!”

“M’lord? Who are you speaking to?”


“Yes, M’Lord?”

“I thought you’d died when my pudding exploded!”

“Exploded, M’Lord? It appears you only spilled it.”

“Ah, yes… It appears so. Dreadfully terrifying occurrence. Did not like it. Make sure it never happens again.”

“I will do my best, M’Lord.”



Disclaimer: So inconsiderate…

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